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The UNITY Innovation Alliance supports companies with end-to-end expertise in the digitalisation of business models, products and services – from conception to implementation.

The members of the group of companies contribute their specific competences to make their customers winners of digitalisation.

With the Company Builder, the UNITY Innovation Alliance accompanies founders and start-ups as a strategic investor in their various growth phases.

Innovation is created through investment: With our Corporate Finance expertise, we accompany companies in all development phases along the entire M&A process.

UNITY Innovation Alliance clients also benefit from our comprehensive ecosystem and close cooperation with other partners such as Fraunhofer IEM and the Heinz Nixdorf Institut.

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Bundling of end-to-end expertise to face the challenges of digitalization

€85 Million in revenue with 600 employees

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Consulting for founders and investments in attractive business models

Corporate Finance

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The UIA business association

We bundle end-to-end expertise for the challenges of digitalization

In order to master the increasing complexity in the course of the digital transformation, interdisciplinary competences and integrated know-how are required – we bundle these in the UNITY Innovation Alliance association. The UNITY Innovation Alliance is comprised of the following companies:

UNITY Consulting & Innovation is the management consultancy for innovation and digital transformation. CELVER implements applications and smart data architectures. NEXT Data Service delivers individual solutions in the area of data services and artificial intelligence. HYPERTEGRITY designs solutions with comprehensive security features in the area of platform enabling technologies. CAIENTA is a digital assistance system for the design of ideal processes and operating procedures in hospitals. contech takes on the development and production of intelligent electronics: from prototype construction to series production. Smart Mechatronics stands for product development and technology consulting for intelligent, networked products. UNITYoperations carries out operational projects in factory and logistics planning. UNITYmove empowers people and organizations for sustainable success.

Project Stories

We lead projects to success!

Driver-based Business Planning in Logistics

  • Optimized corporate planning with 450 users distributed worldwide
  • Linking of the operational partial planning into an overall process
  • Significantly reduced planning costs and shorter planning cycles with greater planning accuracy
  • Improved process stability and transparency with increased flexibility (incl. scenarios)
  • An integrated system for all relevant planning - One-System-for-Planning

Product Development, Market Approach, Organizational Development M-TYPE DELTA

Dürkopp Adler Group
  • High-performance "Best in Class“ sewing technology in a future-proof platform concept
  • Optimal value for customers and the manufacturer
  • Excellent customer feedback after the product launch

Introduction of an AI-based Platform for OR Planning

Hôpitaux Robert Schuman
  • Introduction of AI in OR planning
  • Automation of process planning
  • Increase robustness of the OR plan by 35%
  • Reduce staff overtime by 21%
  • Increase OR utilization rate by 12%

Development of an Intelligent Service Portfolio

  • Customer: FRITSCH is the innovation leader in the bakery technology and engineering sector.
  • Goal: To provide innovative services in production facilities; Create benefits for customers in terms of plant availability, product quality and user support
  • Why choose the UNITY Innovation Alliance?: For its strong and well-established, collaborative network of UNITY Innovation Alliance companies that provide a wide-range of solutions spanning strategy development to implementation
  • Award-winning: FRITSCH received the industry innovation award "iba Award" once again; this time for software-based digital services

Development of a Highly Integrated Smart Home Product

  • Definition and analysis of requirements, product conception including determination of all functions in cooperation with the development and product management departments (CONSENS methodology)
  • Concept development (HW/SW
  • 3D Implementation of power electronics and software
  • Implementation of several sample loops in its laboratory and at external partners (hardware and mechanics/plastics)
  • Certification support provided by VDE

Developing a Smart City - Fast

Smart City Platform
  • Digital transformation support in the public sector
  • Implemention of digital transformation in goverment using proven methods and cross-sector standards
  • Results in the future-oriented design of areas of life that provide added value for citizens
  • Collaborative project by Hypertegrity and UNITY

Camera-based Damage Detection for Quality Control in Cars

Automotive OEM
  • Comprehensive Data Engineering
  • Successful development of a neural network for dirt and scratch detection in vehicles
  • Integration into logistics process
  • Reduction of manual inspection costs for vehicles
  • Next step: Industrialization of data services and concept for automated claim management

Development of a New Service for Corporate Banking and Organizational Empowerment

Volksbank Brilon-Büren-Salzkotten
  • Development of a maturity model to determine the degree of digitalization among corporate customers
  • Implementation of an IT-supported tool for applying the VR Digital Check in discussions with corporate customers
  • Development of formats for training bank employees on the topic of digital transformation
  • Conducted digital boot camps to train employees and managers on the topic of digitalization for corporate customers
  • Conducted an internal maturity check to determine the bank's level of digitalization

Smart OR Management with nextOR

AI-based Optimization for Operating Room (OR) Planning
  • nextOR is the solution for the intelligent OR management of tomorrow
  • nextOR is a self-learning program that uses artificial intelligence to analyze data from all available parameters and operations that have already taken place and creates an optimal OR plan
  • UNITY und NEXT Data Service provide consulting services on nextOR and on funding for the Hospital Future Act

Winner of the cdgw Future Award

Our project won the award!
We congratulate the Hessing Foundation on winning the 'cdgw Future Award' for our joint project "AI in OR Planning." This prize is awarded once a year by the Club der Gesundheitswirtschaft (cdgw) and aims to highlight innovations in the healthcare industry. We are proud success of our project.

The right partner for founders, start-ups and corporate transactions

Our offer

With the Company Builder, the UNITY Innovation Alliance accompanies founders and start-ups as a strategic investor in their various growth phases. We are active entrepreneurs who bundle our in-depth consulting and implementation expertise in the areas of founding, investments, strategy and business model development, organisational development and much more in the Company Builder. We significantly promote the development of the companies and help shape their path to success.

With our Corporate Finance expertise, we accompany companies in all development phases along the entire M&A process. Together we prepare the transaction and define the sale/purchase strategy, identify potential buyers/targets, approach them and accompany the transaction to closing. In addition, we offer our expertise in other corporate finance topics such as financing, succession planning, joint ventures and the like.

Company Builder - The right partner for start-ups

Advice for founding and investing in attractive business models

Corporate Finance –
Your Partner for M&A-Consulting

Corporate Finance - Your partner for M&A advice

Our customer portfolio

Benefit from our cross-sector expertise


Treiberbasierte Unternehmensplanung in der Logistik

  • Optimierte zentrale Unternehmensplanung mit 450 weltweit verteilten Anwendern
  • Verbindung der operativen Teilplanungen zu einem Gesamtprozess
  • Signifikant reduzierter Planungsaufwand und kürzere Planungszyklen bei höherer Plangenauigkeit
  • Höhere Prozessstabilität und -tansparenz bei gesteigerter Flexibilität (inkl. Szenarien)
  • Ein integriertes System für alle relevanten Planungen – One-System-for-Planning